At our Melbourne studio, each order is meticulously handcrafted and packaged. We kindly request a processing time of up to 7 business days to ensure the completion of your bespoke pieces.

Upon dispatch, you will receive an email containing tracking details for your convenience. Please remember to check your spam or junk folder if you do not find it in your inbox.

Please note that any orders that are express are made as soon as the order is received and prioritised


All of our pieces are lovingly hand-made by us in our studio, so time, skill and effort go into hand-crafting each piece which is why we unfortunately cannot accept refunds. We do accept store credits or exchanges.

For hygiene reasons, we do not offer exchanges or returns on earrings regardless of if they have been worn or not.

In the unlikely event that you receive a faulty or incorrect item, we are more than willing to issue a full refund. To initiate this process, please contact our dedicated support team at info@destinothelabel.com and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Our warranty is 6 months from purchase date.

We are more than happy to repair any of our pieces bought online store! If it is within warranty, we can replace the piece that has broken. If it is outside of the warranty, we can still repair it however there may be some costs incurred and replacements will not be offered.


Just like any jewellery, our pieces might get dirty over time, particularly if worn daily. Fortunately, cleaning them is simple! For our 14k Gold Filled and 925 Sterling Silver pieces, use a polishing cloth provided whenever needed!


Gold Filled

Gold Filled Jewellery is the next best option after solid gold. It's made using multiple layers of solid gold which are pressure-bonded to a core of high-quality jeweller’s brass using extreme heat. The result is a thick layer of real gold and a durable, long-lasting product. Gold Filled will not chip, tarnish, turn your skin green or get worn down. It is more durable, waterproof and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Gold Filled Jewellery can last a lifetime with the right care and we recommend this option where possible.

Gold Filled jewellery is renowned for its superior quality and resilience, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. Its exceptional durability means it can be worn while sleeping, showering, swimming, and exercising.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver and is considered a precious metal. The other 7.5% of the alloy is usually copper, which strengthens the silver without compromising its appearance. Sterling Silver is another great option for customers with sensitive skin as this material is hypoallergenic.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is used in jewellery making for its affordable price, durability and hypoallergenic properties. It is an iron alloy mixed with Chromium and has a low Carbon content, making it extremely resistant to corrosion. We use the highest- grade Stainless Steel with a protective covering on top to ensure longevity. This makes Stainless Steel jewellery perfect for people who have nickel allergies or sensitive skin, so can’t wear jewellery containing gold or silver alloys.




What is Charmed?

A permanent bracelet that is not removable. Get a chain of your choice welded to your wrist and never worry about taking it off!

Where do you offer Charmed?

At all of our pop ups, festivals and events. Check out the Charmed page to see our next event!

Does getting a welded bracelet hurt?

Not one bit! Your skin is completely protected with a leather cover and the zap of the welding pen simply emits a one second flash when joining your bracelet together permanently.

Is it safe to wear my Charmed bracelet in the ocean, shower, when exercising and through airport security?

All of our bracelets are made with 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver materials. This makes them durable enough to wear in the ocean, shower and whilst exercing! Our bracelets are also fine when travelling through airport security.

Is it safe to wear when getting an MRI or X-ray?

Unfortunately if you require any of these medical procedures you will need to cut your bracelet off. Just use a sharp pair of scissors or pliers and cut at the jump ring. Keep hold of it and rebook so we can re-attach it for you at no additional charge.

Do you offer Charmed event booking or hire?

We sure do! Email us at info@destinothelabel.com and tell us more about your event!

Can I get a chain Charmed to my ankle, waist or somewhere else?

Yes you can!

Do I need to bring proof of my appointment?

Please have a screenshot or email/text copy of your booking confirmation for us to see when checking you in.

Can my child under 12 get Sparked?

Minors can be booked in for an appointment as long as they aren't under the age of 5. They MUST attend with a parent or guardian who is 18 years of age or older otherwise their appointment will not be able to proceed.

Is there any after care?

Nope! Your Charmed jewellery is all made from gold filled and sterling silver materials. This means your pieces can be worn in the shower, at the beach and in the pool. If you find your piece is getting a bit dull with age this can be fixed with a Polishing cloth.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

The only thing you need to bring is your booking confirmation and yourself, ready to get Charmed!

What do I do if my bracelet breaks?

If your bracelet has broken within 3 months of it being done please keep hold of your chain and book in for an appointment, so we can reattach it with no extra charge.

If your bracelet breaks after the 3 month period please book in for an appointment. Unfortunately we will not be able to do this free of charge as it is out of the warranty period.  

If your bracelet breaks but you lose your chain you will have to book in for a regular appointment.

My bracelet has a little black mark will this come off?

Due to the bracelet being welded to fuse the ends of the jump ring together, there will always be a solder mark. Unfortunately this is unavoidable and is just a part of the process! Most of the marking will be polished off at the end of your appointment. Wearing your bracelet in the water may also reduce the marking slightly but this will vary person to person.