A unique, in-person experience.

14k filled & Sterling Silver permanent jewellery soldered onto you, customised with your choice of charms.

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  • Quality Materials

    Our chains and charms are each made from 14 Karat Gold Filled and Sterling Silver materials. This means our quality is Hypoallergenic, Water-proof and Tarnish Resistant

  • Personalised

    All of our chains are individually fitted to each and every wrist or ankle, leaving you with the perfect piece that will last

  • Made to Last

    Your new pieces can be worn in the shower, ocean and while exercising! Don't worry about it changing colour


Is it safe to wear my Charmed bracelet in the ocean, shower, when exercising and through airport security?

All of our bracelets are made with 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver materials. This makes them durable enough to wear in the ocean, shower and whilst exercing! Our bracelets are also fine when travelling through airport security.

Is it safe?

Yes welding is safe, our friendly staff are highly trained with our machines and protection from the zap is provided just in case. 

Do you offer Charmed event booking or hire?

We sure do! Email us at and tell us more about your event!